W A S H I N G T O N     T O H O     K O T O     S O C I E T Y

A U D I O     R E C O R D I N G S

"Selections" Volume 1 [CD] "Selections" Volume 2 [CD] "Selections" Volume 3 [CD]

Over the years, the Society has released a number of full-length studio recordings and commemorative compilations:
        "Selections"  Vol. 1  (compact disc)
            1. INORI (Prayer)
            2. SAKURA NI YOSERU GENSO (Fantasia on Cherry Blossoms)
            3. MIZUMI NO UTA (Poem of the Lake)
            4. HIKARI TO KAZE TO ... (Lightning and Wind and ...)
            5. ROKUDAN NO SHIRABE (Six Variations)
            6. TSURU NO KOI (Call of the Crane)
            7. TSUIOKU (Remembrance)
            8. CHIDORI NO KYOKU (The Plover)
            9. OGAWA NO HOTORI NITE (On the Banks of a Stream)

        "Selections"  Vol. 2  (compact disc)
            1. SEIZA (Constellation)
            2. KONGOSEKI (Diamond)
            3. TEGOTO NI YOSERU GENSOKYOKU (Fantasia on an Instrumental Interlude)
            4. KAGARIBI (Torch)
            5. SHIROIHANA NI YOSETE (White Flower)
            6. MARI TO TONOSAMA (The Shogun and the Bouncing Ball)
            7. HARU NO UTA (Songs of Spring)
            8. HAKONE HACHIRI HEN SOKYOKU (Arrangement of a well-known hiking song)

        "Selections"  Vol. 3  (compact disc)
            1. SAKURA HENSO KYOKU (Variations on a traditional Cherry Blossom Song)
            2. HARU NO HIKARI (Radiance of Spring)
            3. YACHIYO JISHI (Lion Dance)
            4. HANAIKADA (Flower Petal Raft)
            5. AKI NO UTA (Songs of Autumn)
            6. ROKUDAN NO SHIRABE TO SHORAIFU (Six Variations with Accompaniment)
            7. YUME (Dream)
            8. NAMI (Waves)

        "Celebration 1973-1993"  (compact disc)
            1. SAKURA HENSOKYOKU (Variations on a Cherry Blossom Song)
            2. HARU NO HIKARI (Radiance of Spring)
            3. SEIZA (Constellation)
            4. AKI NO UTA (Songs of Autumn)
            5. YACHIYO JISHI (Lion Dance)
            6. HANAIKADA (Flower Petal Raft)
            7. KAGARIBI (Torch)
            8. YUME (Dream)
            9. TSURU NO KOI (Call of the Crane)
            10. HARU NO UTA (Songs of Spring)
            11. NAMI (Waves)

        "Silver Anniversary 1971-1996"  (compact disc)

            1. SEOTO (The Sound of Rapids)
            2. ROKUDAN NO SHIRABE TO (Six Variations with Kumoi Accompaniment)
            3. HANAKAGE HENSOKYUKU (In the Shadow of the Cherry Blossoms)
            4. YUYAKE KOYAKE (In the Glow of Sunset)
            5. AKI NO KOTONOHA (Words of Autumn)
            6. OCHIBASURU (Season of the Falling Leaves)
            7. MISAKI NO TODAI (The Lighthouse on the Cape)
            8. AKOGARE (Yearning)
            9. TSUKI NO SABAKU (Desert Moon)
            10. MORI NO KOBITO (Festival of the Elves)
            11. TORI NO YONI (Like a Bird)
            12. YAMAZATO NO HARU (Spring in a Mountain Village)

"Celebration 1973-1993" [compact disc cover] These recordings feature classical and contemporary koto music selections from the broad repertoire of the Washington Toho Koto Society.  The performances represent a collaboration among Koto Society members and an assortment of guest artists playing in ensembles, duets, and solo arrangements.  Some pieces feature vocals, or accompaniments by other traditional Japanese instruments—especially the shamisen (a three-stringed lute) and the shakuhachi (an open-ended bamboo flute).  In other works, Western instruments—such as the flute or piano—complement Japanese sounds.

All are available from the Society, from the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery (Smithsonian Institution; Washington, D.C.), at select D.C. metropolitan-area music stores, or here on our website.

To order, please specify the desired release title(s) and volume number(s) (where applicable) and calculate the order total from the chart below.  Please make checks or money orders payable to the Washington Toho Koto Society, Inc. and include your name, address, and phone number (so that we can contact you about your order, if necessary).  Send your order, contact information, and payment to:

"Silver Anniversary 1971-1996" [compact disc cover]

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"Celebration 1973-1993"
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"Silver Anniversary 1971-1996"
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Koto Society Selections, Volume 1
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Koto Society Selections, Volume 2
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Koto Society Selections, Volume 3
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