Musical Selections

Yume Sheet Music
Yume, or Dream, is a short piece written by Sawai Tadao in 1976.  It is part of a group of four pieces called Chisana Haru, or Short Spring Pieces, and is one of his best.  This excerpt from Yume is played by Kyoko Okamoto, and is contained on both the Celebration CD and the Washington Toho Koto Society Selections, Volume 3, cassette.  A small portion of the music is shown.

Yume wav (1.9MB) Wav segment of Yume [1.9MB] Yume MP3 (1.7MB) Entire Yume in MP3 [1.7MB]
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Nami, or Waves, was written by Kikushiro Masaaki in 1975 for 2 kotos and 1 bass koto.  The excerpt from Nami is played by Vera Land, first koto, Tazuko Roberts, second koto, and Kyoko Okamoto, bass koto.  It is contained on the same CD and cassette as Yume.

EN00516A 1.8MB Wav segment of Nami EN00525A Entire Nami in MP3 [4.7 MB]

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